Deck Mounted Sensor Soap Dispenser

• Dimension : 134 (L) x Ø52 (W) x 126 (H) mm
• Material : Polished brass with chrome finish
• Power Supply : 230V AC 18V DC
• Pre Set Setting Range : 15cm (default) approx. edge of spout
• Operating Temperature : 4oC ~ 60oC
• Liquid Soap Viscoscity : 50-400 CPS
• Soap Tank Capacity : 800 ml



• Automatically self-adjusted sensing distance for optimum operation
• Eliminates time-consuming and labour cost in manual adjustment
• Compact design that housed in a sleek spout made of solid brass
chrome casting
• Touch-free design enhances washroom image
• Attractively designed with reliable Single Direction Diverter Valve system
that allows only one direction flow of soap and eliminates backflow
• Provides consistence amount of dosage reduces total cost-in-use
• Durable housing with build-in locking mechanism
• Detachable soap bottle with easy “quick-twist” locking mechanism
allows easy soap refilling